RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla - Torino


RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla – Torino is the new name of Studio Palea, a firm founded in 1962 in Turin by Mr. Roberto PALEA.

Over the years, from the associated form that it adopted in 1981, up to its current 9-partner structure, the firm has continued to grow, specializing in tax and corporate consulting with regard to Italian and foreign SMEs as well as large companies, including corporations listed on regulated markets.

The firm's team of qualified professionals and its highly experienced staff have driven progressive expansion into a range of services, beyond its traditional consulting activities, to include M&A, advisory and business consulting services, support to internationalization, planning and assistance for negotiations, tax and contractual services in the context of extraordinary business operations for national and international private equity companies and funds.

The Turin office experts usually hold positions on Boards of Directors and Boards of Statutory Auditors, Internal Control Committees and Supervisory Bodies in leading companies, including public interest organizations.

The firm, which was a founding member of RSM Palea Lauri Gerla, a professional association that has evolved into the current project, works in an integrated and synergistic way with RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla - Milano (formerly Studio Gerla e Associati) and RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla - Roma (formerly Studio L4C), sharing a vision of ever greater internationalization and expansion at national level. This organizational initiative opens a new phase in the firm’s activity and underlines its willingness to assist with ever greater professionalism and an ever broader range of instruments the business activities undertaken by clients in Italy and abroad, in order to fully meet their needs.


Via Ettore de Sonnaz 19, 10121 - Torino, T: +39 011 561 32 82, F: +39 011 561 17 33, VAT nr.: 04326830017.