RSM at RO.ME Museum Exhibition to discuss ethical finance and culture

Marco Carlizzi, Head of the Legal Department of RSM Italy and Independent Director of Banca Popolare Etica SCPA, took part in the round table on “A new global objective: museums and sustainable development”, as part of the second edition of RO.ME Museum Exhibition 2019 - held in Rome from November 27th  to 29th - an event dedicated to museums, cultural places and destinations and in general to the entire business chain linked to museums. This year's edition presented an extremely rich program that addressed all aspects related to cultural heritage: museums, cultural destinations, traveling exhibitions, retailing, funding and incentives for culture, training and professions, lighting, conferences, workshops and B2B meetings. A three-day event dedicated exclusively to cultural heritage.

Mr. Carlizzi showed how ethical finance operators can be at the service of the sustainable development of the cultural market and museums. Starting from an examination of what Ethical Finance is (111 bis TUB [i.e. Italian Consolidated Law on Banking]- 117 ter TUF [i.e. Italian Consolidated Law on Finance]) and who its main actors are, Carlizzi discussed how non-speculative finance can be a driving force for culture and museum offering in a Country, Italy, which has always been the icon of beauty, art and culture in the world. Carlizzi brought to the attention of the audience his experience gained in Banca Etica, of which he has been a Director and Chairman of the Related- Parties Committee since 2013, as well as a Director of Etica SGR since 2014. "For a small, ideally motivated bank such as Banca Etica, large museums are a difficult target to pursue. Banca Etica, on the other hand, is the result of local relations and networks in the third sector, to make credit a human right, from the bottom to the common good. And in this sense the territorial museums are perfectly compatible with the Bank's By-laws".   

Carlizzi then suggested the tools that Ethical Finance can provide to the world of culture to help get it established and promote its growth: to finance museums with normal credit instruments, especially on the subject of energy efficiency; to strengthen crowdfunding (Banca Etica, for example, through Etica SGR participates to the extent of 20%); to implement, for significant projects and significant amounts, innovative financial instruments such as community bonds or green bonds; to pursue moral suasion on the reform of the governance of small museums.

Marco Carlizzi's commitment shows how much RSM Italy believes in the value of culture and sustainable development as a pillar of the ethical and economic growth of our Country.






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