RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla - Rome


RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla - Rome (formerly Studio L4C) was born following the partnership started in 1989 between its founding partners, gradually evolving into a multidisciplinary association among lawyers and "dottori commercialisti" (chartered accountants) based on shared experiences and common professional, ethical and reputational values. Since the very beginning, the firm has paid particular attention to the relationship with clients, was always inspired by principles such as trust and transparency.

Such approach, backed by a remarkable focus on a regular updating of skills, allowed the firm to grow, reaching not only domestic, but also international, medium and large sized clients, operating in different business fields.

All partners have gained significant experience abroad and all professionals - after a successful graduation - have obtained a LLM or PhD; furthermore, all professional have excellent English language skills.

Besides the increasing levels of specialization achieved in the provision of legal and tax advisory to enterprises, the firm's professionals can boast very high-profile technical expertise, due to the offices held as members of  Boards of Directors or Statutory Auditors in banks, state-owned companies and listed companies.

Currently, the Rome firm consists of six partners (Maurizio Lauri, Giorgio Lombardi, Fabio Lonardo, Mauro Lonardo, Marco Carlizzi, Angelo Lauri) and several professionals used to working in teams - never exceeding a 1:5 ratio - and joining their skills together within a work environment characterized by participation and sharing values.

Finally, the firm, founding member of  RSM Palea Lauri Gerla in 2016, now operates in an integrated and synergic way with  RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla – Milan (formerly Studio Gerla e Associati) and with RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla – Turin (formerly  Studio Palea), thus managing to maximize its growth and expansion prospects both nationally and internationally. 


Via delle Terme Deciane 10, 00153 - Roma, T: +39 06 575 49 63, F: +39 06 5728 89 35, PIVA: 1114561005.