RSM Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile



Davide began working at RSM in Italy in 2018, with the responsibility of coordinating all the activities concerning Management and Technology and Technological Innovation services.

Davide has years of experience in auditing and advisory services, establishing an information risk management practice and coordinating service innovation strategies, whilst also establishing an innovative start-up that works on defining prediction models and data analytics, mainly in the food industry.

In his work experience he has developed important skills in account auditing, a role which has allowed him to manage multiple multidisciplinary statutory projects focussed on governance and business transformation, including projects on the quality and effectiveness of corporate processes and implementing technological solutions.

Davide’s training is somewhat international, as he has worked in Germany for three years.

Davide is a chartered accountant and auditor, work adviser and member of the IT commission of the Milan Accountant and Chartered Accountant Register.


  • Partner, Head of Auditing and Head of Management and Technologies at RSM Italy.
  • Partner and coordinator of the IT advisory for the EMA.
  • Partner and Cybersecurity Manager in Italy and responsible for Information Risk Management (IRM)
  • Partner and coordinator on governance projects, on the quality and effectiveness of corporate processes and on the management of information in different sectors.


  • Account auditing for national and international groups
  • Due diligence activities
  • Advisory activities on cybersecurity projects (including drafting the national framework), business continuity, risk assessment, IT and forensic accounting.
  • Governance and compliance activities including the Sarbaney Oxley Act


  • Financial
  • Information/Communication
  • Services
  • Manufacturing, Automotive