Francesco Lepri

Office : Milano

Francesco Lepri, Partner RSM S.p.A., started his career in Italy (Florence) in a well-known International Audit Firm (BIG 4). Since the beginning he was involved in the audit of important International and Italian Groups (including significant subsidiaries of US listed companies). His portfolio included companies in different industries, like Pharma and Life science, Luxury, Food and Beverage and, in general, Manufacturing companies.

After few years he added more skills to his curriculum with experience mainly in Internal Audit, Deals and Forensic projects.

Italian Chartered Accountant and Dottore Commercialista since 2007, Francesco took part as speaker in several events and contributed to some pubblications, cooperating with the Italian professional organisation “Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili” in Florence.

After 13 years, he moved to London, working for the same Audit Network, becoming an Associate Partner.

In these 5 years period, he set up and was in charge of the Italian Desk, an active member of the Green Industry and Pharma Practice and a Group Leader. He built up a strong network of relationship with Investment funds (Infrastructures and Cleantech) and with the extremely active Italian community of Professional in London, beeing as well a member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain.

Beeing also an ICAEW member since 2016 and an ACA qualified accountant (ACA) he retains signing rights in different jurisdictions, including Italy, UK and Ireland.

Francesco will be in charge of the UK Desk and the developement of Audit and Advisory , at local and International level, with focus on UK, Ireland and related territories. This includes Brexit matters and support to the companies willing to expand and/or incorporate their business in these territories.


  • Partner RSM Società di Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile S.p.A.
  • Head of UK Desk in RSM Società di Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile S.p.A.
  • Responsible for the audit of Pharma Group, Investment Funds and Manufacturing companies (IFRS/US GAAP/UK GAAP/ITA GAAP).
  • He cooperates with several companies (in Italy, UK and internationally) in different industries, including Pharma and Life Science, Luxury, Investment Funds (Investment entities), Cleantech and renewables, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities, Information Technology e Tlc.


  • Audit of International Group and SME applying IFRS, UK GAAP, US GAAP, Italian GAAP and operating in different industries
  • Audit of Investment funds applying IFRS 10 (Investment entities accounting investment at Fair value instead of doing the Consolidation)
  • Brexit matters
  • IFRS first time adoption projects
  • Internal audit outsourcing
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Support in the preparation and review of Impairment models
  • Support in the preparation and review of Valuation models (with additional industry skills focused on renewable energy)
  • SOX Compliance
  • Forensic activities (manily support in litigations and fraud investigations)
  • Group Structuring (including tax and accounting implications)


  • Investment funds (Infrastructure, Cleantech)
  • Renewables Energie
  • Pharma and Life Science
  • Luxury
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Food and Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Tlc