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New Normal Business Model #3 – Key activities and key resources, are they equally important factors?

22 May 2020
If you remember, in episode #2, I focused on the magic of jazz and of the extraordinary quality of jazz player vis a vis improvisation, a rare and very important quality in a company.

Data protection and coronavirus (COVID-19)

18 May 2020
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak has infected more than 4 million people (May 18th , 2020) all round the world. Its spread has also left businesses counting costs and people losing jobs.

Crisis hits football. Championships risk interruption without financing.

18 May 2020
With 4,6 millions players, 1,4 million FIGC members (the Italian Football Federation, called “Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio”) and almost 570 thousand official games per year, football is the most popular sport in Italy.

New Normal Business Model #2 - Channels and customer relationship

28 April 2020
It is indisputable that everything we are currently experiencing as a result of the events linked to the Covid-19 will leave a deep mark. It will not only affect companies, but it will impact them through people’s and customers’ behavioral change.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

22 April 2020
RSM can help you prepare for and survive major disruptions. Fire. Flood. Hurricane. Tornado. Cyberattack. Pandemic.

New Normal Business Model #1 - How to become or create an invincible company?

21 April 2020
In a historical moment like the one we are experiencing, unique in its exceptionality and in the impact it will have on the world economy, it is paramount to ask ourselves this question, now more than ever.

The effects of the changes introduced by Decrees no. 18 "Cura Italia" and no. 23 "Liquidity" and the specific sector regulations for companies participating in professional football championships

21 April 2020
The devastating economic effects to which Italy - and the world in general - is exposed due to the COVID 19 pandemic have not spared even the richest and most socially visible sectors such as football.  In this context, the changes introduced by Decree no. 18 "Cura Italia" and Decree no.

Technology and consulting, together for Italian SMEs

8 January 2020
In the December 2019 issue of Economy magazine, the interview with Davide Grassano, head of management and technologies of RSM Società di Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile SpA.


4 December 2019
From the partnership between RSM S.p.A. and Var Group, VAR4ADVISORY, a company dedicated to strategic consulting and innovation for mid-market companies, is born.

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