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Design thinking

In recent years, companies have evolved to deal with increasingly complex market instability, more and more demanding customers and the need for detailed strategic plans. These are just some of the new scenarios that businesses and managers must address.

In this new competitive context, it has emerged that people are the true value and driving force behind companies, and that a new kind of thinking is needed.

Through its own Innovation Lab, RSM uses the design thinking and gaming method to create a path within the company that can lead to a new corporate management method being defined and implemented that is effective and dynamic to tackle issues of growth, cross-selling, meeting demand, as well as the preparation and sharing of a strategic plan.

 The design thinking path follows 5 stages:

  1. Identification of the problem and the challenge
  2. Identification of the context
  3. Researching opportunities and alternatives
  4. Design, prototyping, testing and validation
  5. Implementation


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