Audit & assurance

(1) Statutory Audits

We provide high-quality statutory audit services, including those in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Companies Act, and the Limited Partnership Act for Investment. In large auditing firms, partners who sign audit reports seldom make onsite visits, resulting in the overturning of judgments of client office accountants and hasty decision making. At RSM Seiwa, partners go to great lengths to make onsite visits and work to thoroughly understand our clients, ensuring smooth and optimal completion of audits.

(2) Preparatory Audits for IPOs

An initial public offering (IPO) allows a company to gain access to funds from a wide pool of investors to increase its capital. Going public also brings numerous benefits to the company in the form of greater trust from society, better access to talented individuals and a stronger management structure. Because IPOs require audits of financial statements for the most recent two fiscal periods, RSM Seiwa conducts preparatory audits early and efficiently to make certain the IPO is completed in a timely manner. We provide high-quality audit services tailored specifically to IPOs, as many of our auditors are certified public accountants (CPA) with extensive experience in venture company IPOs. Even a small-scale company with modest profits can list its shares, provided it has good prospects for future growth. Having a public offering audit at an early stage to design an internal control system and a financial reporting structure helps to reduce the time needed to achieve a listing.

(3) Voluntary Audits

Newly founded or small-scale companies, as well as companies that are legally obliged to perform audits, must ensure that their financial statements are accurate. As audits are an effective tool to ensure the reliability of financial statements. RSM Seiwa is pleased to conduct voluntary audits for unlisted companies so they may also obtain and utilize such beneficial financial information. Our extensive experience in performing voluntary audits for small-scale companies enables us to provide services that are carefully tailored to each company's needs. We are committed to delivering high-quality audit services that provide support to companies where managers are concerned about their financial reporting structure or to companies that have recently been established.

(4) Referred Work Services

RSM Seiwa often receives requests from the overseas offices of RSM International to conduct financial statement reviews of foreign companies' Japanese subsidiaries. In these cases, we work closely with teams at parent companies overseas, and collaborate with RSM International partners and managers around the world to efficiently serve our clients.

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