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Our consulting specialists are primed to help organizations achieve their objectives – no matter how ambitious or specific. By applying our substantial financial and operational knowledge, you can be sure that RSM Japan has your interests at heart. We work alongside you as an extended member of your business to deliver high-quality consulting services. From capital generation in the short term to longer-term financial prudence, let us help shape your prosperous future. 

Consulting services to support your business 

Our professional consulting advice is driven by collaboration. We listen to, advise on, and adapt to the issues and concerns you have as a company. And our solutions are never "off-the-shelf". By working in partnership with your internal teams, we make recommendations and create new strategies that are unique to your organization. Each time, these are designed purely to protect you – and lay the foundations for growth and success in the years to come. 

A comprehensive range of consulting services 

How can we help? Our consulting specialists are well-versed in a range of critical disciplines that can shape your future. Applying our skills, drawing on our experience, and leveraging our global network ensures we have an exceptional proposition. Here is what our services can entail: 

IPO support services 

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) can bring a number of advantages for a company. It can open up access to funds from a vast pool of investors or foster greater trust from society. You could also get better access to talented individuals and a stronger management structure.  

Our consulting specialists, who have a deep understanding of IPOs, deliver extensive support to our clients during the preparatory audit stage. The process can take more than two years and it can involve new regulations, internal control systems, and management structures.  

With extensive experience handling IPOs for venture companies, our team of experts provides a huge depth of guidance. It includes business plan support or IPO application advice – as well as the formulation of internal controls and capital policies.  

Our role is to actively support companies – even if they are small in scale or are yet to report a profit, provided there are good prospects for growth. Our track record includes successful IPOs for two companies while providing ongoing IPO support services to several other firms. 

Financial due diligence 

The process for assessing corporate value when conducting an M&A deal or underwriting capital increases are referred to as financial due diligence. It consists of careful analysis of the value of the company targeted for acquisition, its earnings potential, and its risks. And this analysis is an essential task because it helps you decide if its financial statements are accurate. It is also a chance to identify any unexpected liabilities.  

At RSM Japan, our financial due diligence is carried out by a team that will be led by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with extensive practical experience. It is a team that can typically deal with multiple projects, large or small, at any time. A certified public tax accountant (CPTA) well-versed in corporate restructuring is also on the team. Their role is to provide optimal consulting support for M&As from a tax perspective.  

Meanwhile, we have experience in recommending, and selecting, the buying and selling parties for M&A deals. Using our extensive network, we introduce clients to buyers capable of boosting the corporate value of businesses and sellers that can offer them the kind of deals they want. 

Internal control system support services 

For all fiscal periods starting on or after 1 April 2008, all publicly-traded companies must submit reports on their internal control systems with an accompanying audit report by a CPA (pursuant to J-SOX). Many companies that established internal control systems at the time of their listing, however, are now failing to update them through documentation.  

J-SOX requires management to evaluate internal controls and support this with documentation, which covers a broad range of areas. It ranges from the status of management-level controls, for example, to operational workflows. A high level of reliability deserving of an audit certificate is required, as well as the efficiency to reduce administrative workload. 

This is where our internal control system support services can benefit your organization. We can help you and your management to select the scope of system valuations as a starting point. This ensures an effective companywide control system.  

With our experience in providing ongoing consulting services and audit services, we can provide valuable support for that process. And we can assist in both designing and auditing the internal controls you employ, which therefore allows us to then identify key areas to target. 

Other consulting services 

The accounting system is becoming increasingly complex due to recent additions and changes. In light of this, we provide comprehensive accounting support to help companies adapt to the system. The benefit of this is that we can support the overall management framework, as well as offer lectures on training relating to general accounting and management. 

Consulting services you can count on 

Data and information are valuable assets to any organization. But knowing how to access and capitalize means you need to know where to look. Our consulting services are designed to put you in the picture. From accurate valuations to robust due diligence, let our experience be the guiding hand in the next stage of your business journey. With a global network and a talented team of professionals behind us, we're ready to help – contact us today to find out more.

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