(1) IPO Support Services

An IPO brings a number of advantages for a company, such as access to funds from a vast pool of investors, greater trust from society, better access to talented individuals and a stronger management structure. Our professionals, who have a deep understanding of IPOs, deliver comprehensive support to our clients during the IPO preparatory audit stage, as the process can take over two years and involves the creation of various company regulations, an internal control system and a business management structure. With extensive experience handling IPOs for venture companies, our team provides total support ranging from the preparation of business plans and IPO application documents, to the formulation of internal controls and capital policies. We actively support companies even if they are small in scale or are yet to report a profit, provided there are good prospects for growth. Our proven track record includes successful IPOs for two companies and ongoing IPO support to several other firms.

(2) Financial Due Diligence

The procedures for assessing corporate value when conducting an M&A deal or underwriting capital increases are referred to as financial due diligence. This process consists of careful examination of the value of the company targeted for acquisition, its earnings potential, and risks, to decide whether its financial statements are accurate and identify any unexpected liabilities. At RSM Seiwa, due diligence is carried out by a team led by a CPA with extensive practical experience. The team typically handles multiple projects, large and small, at any given time. A certified public tax accountant (CPTA) well-versed in corporate restructuring is also on the team to provide optimal support for M&As from a tax perspective. We also have experience in recommending and selecting the buying and selling parties for M&A deals. Using our extensive network, we introduce clients to buyers capable of boosting the corporate value of businesses and sellers that can offer them the kind of deals they are looking for.

(3) Internal Control System Support Services

Effective from fiscal periods beginning on or after April 1, 2008, publicly-traded companies are now required to submit reports on their internal control systems with an accompanying audit report by a certified public accountant (pursuant to J-SOX). Many companies that had established internal control systems at the time of their listing are now failing to update these systems through documentation. J-SOX requires management to evaluate internal controls and support this with documentation, which covers a broad range of areas, from the status of management-level controls to operational workflows. A high level of reliability deserving of an audit certificate as well as the efficiency to reduce administrative workload are required. Selecting the scope of internal control system valuations by management is important to ensure an effective and efficient companywide internal control system. Our team has experience in providing ongoing consulting services and audit services, enabling us to provide support for the process from the perspectives of both designing and auditing internal controls, thereby allowing us to identify key areas to target.

(4) Other Services

The accounting system is becoming increasingly complex owing to recent additions and changes. In light of this, we provide comprehensive accounting support to help companies adapt to the system, support their overall management framework and offer lectures on training relating to general accounting and management.

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