Business Succession and Reorganization Consulting

Business succession planning

Business owner’s may face many challenges when preparing for a succession plan.

In order to overcome these challenges, one must be able to identify certain issues in advance and make plans for the future accordingly.  Our firm will carefully analyze the issues at hand and offer our professional advice and assistance for each stage of planning up until the business is succeeded by another.

1. Analysis

  •  Business valuation
  • ​ Explanation of the business owner’s current financial situation
  •  Explanation of the current business situation to the successor
  •  Identifying business succession issues

2. Succession planning

  •  Method and selection of the succession plan
  •  Establish a medium-term business plan
  •  Training / educating the successor
  •   Inheritance tax planning

3. Implementing the plan

  •  Establish a medium-term business plan
  •  Training / educating the successor
  •  Inheritance tax planning

Business Reorganization

It is very important for your business strategy to consider business reorganization which will result in your business becoming more profitable and save unnecessary losses.

Under the general rules of Corporation law, transferred assets should be valued at Fair Market Value (FMV) where any gains will be taxable and the shareholders may be subject to deemed dividend tax.  Our experienced tax accountants will weigh the risks and effects of possible schemes as well as relative issues. 

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