Indirect Tax Compliance Services (Consumption Tax)

We offer various range of indirect tax services.  In particular, the Japanese VAT called Consumption Tax is rather complicated and it is often not so understandable since the system does not rely on invoices but bookkeeping (e.g., no VAT ID number).  Import duty and import consumption tax are also included in our services.

The Consumption Tax is changing not only by the rate but also the system itself in 5 years.  We try to provide the guidance to non-Japanese investors to keep the tax compliance properly and timely, so that our clients will be able to take some benefits in connection with the business model and profit structure.

We provide the following services in the indirect tax ares specifically;

- Analysis of the Consumption Tax status and registrations

- Indirect tax simulation and availability

- Guidance to the bookkeeping and tax declaration

- Consumption Tax filings

- Updated information to the latest Tax Reform for the Consumption Tax

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