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17 February 2020
Ashif Kassam
At RSM, we are passionate about making corporate Eastern Africa more transparent and dynamic. We believe the future belongs to those businesses that employ good corporate governance and embrace exponential technologies that will shape business...
4 December 2019
Elvis Ogeto, Nihla Mazrui, Simon Fisher
RSM IFRS Update and IFRS 16 Training presentation slides contains slides of the presentation held in December 2019. The new Standard eliminates a lessee’s classification of leases as either operating leases or finance leases. Instead, almost all...
27 November 2019
Ashif Kassam
Auto assessment order Reference is made to the above subject matter where KRA has erroneously issued auto assessment orders on 2018 VAT obligation.
13 November 2019
Ashif Kassam
9 August 2019
Ashif Kassam
Electricity expense rebate for manufacturer
30 July 2019
Ashif Kassam
Business Acquisitions – A Brief Guide One of the most efficient paths of growth is through business acquisitions. If executed correctly, acquisitions which are often cheaper and faster than organic growth, allow companies to grow and diversify their...
25 July 2019
Elvis Ogeto, Nihla Mazrui
27 June 2019
Lina Ratansi
Properly managing awarded funding is as important as winning a grant. It is therefore imperative to have the necessary financial controls in place to adhere to the terms of the grant.
14 June 2019
Download Budget highlights 2019/20 for: Kenya Tanzania