RSM Kuwait


We offer tax consulting in more than just traditional services that one normally associates with the field; we go the critical extra mile for our clients to provide the following services:

  • Foreign companies operating in Kuwait for Income Tax services,
  • Companies listed on Kuwait Stock Exchange for National Labour Support Tax services and Zakat services
  • Closed shareholding companies for Zakat services.


Our clients are provided with strategic tax planning as well as the various aspects of compliance work tailored to meet their specific circumstances. In addition, we ensure that the compliance burden is as simple and painless as possible.


  • Provide you with tax planning advice on existing and future contracts;
  • Advise you of tax filing requirements on the basis of the relevant tax regulations currently in practice;
  • Registration with the tax department;
  • Review your accounting records, supporting documents and keep you informed of existing tax exposures;
  • Submit on your behalf in Arabic tax declaration and other detailed supporting schedules;
  • If required attend the tax inspections and answer queries raised by the tax inspector ;
  • Obtain the tax assessment and advise you on the objection and appeal a process;
  • Attend meetings with tax objection and appeal committee;
  • Obtain No objection letter from the tax department for release of tax retentions;
  • Obtain tax clearance certificate from the tax department.


  • On call availability of tax service team
  • Up to date knowledge on tax laws and executive regulations ;
  • Proactive tax planning strategies and their implementation;
  • Bilingual team to ensure timely tax compliance procedures so you can focus on your core business

How can we help you?

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