10 November 2020
Budget 2021 was announced on 6 November 2020.
10 August 2020
Summary of current tax updates in Malaysia
6 July 2020
18 June 2020
Malaysia adopts the self-assessment system for all taxpayers and the assessment of income tax is based on a current year basis.
3 February 2020
The RSM International China Practice Group is dedicated to helping internationally active businesses to achieve their objectives in China. Our China Practice Group professionals are bilingual in English and Mandarin and are conversant in accounting...
15 October 2019
2019年10月11日,我们尊贵的财政部长林冠英先生公布了主题为“驱动发展,公平成果,共享繁荣 ”的2020年财政预算案。
15 October 2019
The Honourable Finance Minister, Mr. Lim Guan Eng tabled the 2020 Budget on 11 October 2019. The theme for the 2020 Budget is “Driving Growth And Equitable Outcomes Towards Shared Prosperity”.
30 September 2019
The Minister of Finance is scheduled to table the Budget 2020 in Parliament on 11 October 2019 and we foresee that there will be changes to the Sales Tax and Service Tax (“SST”) legislation. We will be update you on the significant changes of the...
23 September 2019
During the Budget 2019 speech on 2 November 2018, the Minister of Finance announced that Malaysia will look to broaden the scope of service tax to foreign service providers who provide digital services to consumers in Malaysia. The government...