11 April 2022

Personal Data Breaches Notification

Have you ever sent an email to the incorrect email address or received postal mail which was not addressed to you?  I think the answer is: who hasn’t.
8 April 2022

ERM – Limitations of traditional risk management

One frequently comes across the terms Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Risk Management being interchangeably used by many stakeholders out there. However, it is important to note that it is also interchangeably wrong.
7 April 2022

What is ERM?

Without going into its roots, Risk Management has been around since after World War II.


RSM Tax Guides 2022
14 March 2022

RSM launches the RSM European Real Estate Tax Guides 2022 edition

RSM International, the leading global network of accounting, tax and advisory firms targeting family businesses, real estate investors and private equity  has launched the latest Guides to Commercial Real Estate Taxation in Europe.
25 February 2022

RSM Malta commits to empowering Start-Ups as partner of Shark Tank’s debut in Malta

RSM Malta proudly announces that it is now a partner of Shark Tank Malta. The critically acclaimed and multi-Emmy® Award-winning entrepreneurial-themed reality show that has boosted entrepreneurship all around the world is landing in Malta and the...
16 February 2022

Transfer Pricing Rules consultation document published

The Commissioner for Revenue (CFR) recently published a consultation document on the draft Transfer Pricing rules which are envisaged to be transposed into Maltese legislation, with effect from 1 January 2024. The Transfer Pricing rules are subject...
2 December 2021

Maltese Whistleblowing Act: Changes and Update

After 8 years of having a Whistleblowing Act, the Government of Malta has proposed a new bill to amend the current Act to transpose the requirements and regulations as set out in the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the...
3 November 2021

Marthese Vella to deliver a training session regarding the new MFSA Guidelines on ICT Security Risk Management

Marthese Vella will deliver a training on behalf of the Malta Stock Exchange on the MFSA Guidelines published last year regarding ICT Security Risk Management.  The training session will be delivered at the Malta Stock Exchange on the 11th of...
21 October 2021

Why do Hackers hack?

How human behaviour impacts cybersecurity is a hot topic. For instance, cybercriminals are using the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to scam people. The scams are working because cybercriminals are leveraging known human weaknesses.