6 December 2021

NASA icon Gene Kranz to address RSM World Conference

American aerospace engineer, former fighter pilot, and retired NASA flight director, Eugene “Gene” Kranz, will speak at the RSM World Conference, taking place from 7 to 9 December 2021.
3 December 2021

Brand Protection in Mozambique

Industrial Property is the set of rights that include trade and service marks, invention patents, utility models, industrial designs and models, names and insignia of establishments, logos, geographical indications, designations of origin and...
2 December 2021

Workshop People Management in the Digital Era

The digital transformation of HR management, in addition to being a trend, is a need for companies.
1 December 2021

Challenges and Opportunities in the Agro-Business Sector in Mozambique

At RSM, we understand the challenges and barriers to investment in Mozambique as well as the unique conditions that investors face when trying to identify new opportunities in the agricultural sector here. We want to guide you by offering you high...
26 November 2021

Global Minimum Tax: Boon or Blessing for Innovation?

Authored by Bryan Soepardi, R&D Tax Specialist at RSM Australia
19 November 2021

The rising tide of cyber attacks has implications for businesses everywhere

Cyber risk is a challenge for businesses – big and small and they are growing significantly in scale and impact. For boards across all sectors, this needs to be addressed as a top priority risk. At board level, while driving growth the C-Suite will...
27 October 2021

Celebrating 10 years of RSM World Day

By Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM International Today marks RSM International’s 10th year of celebrating RSM World Day. Established a decade ago as an annual event, RSM World Day provides colleagues around the world an opportunity to celebrate our...
7 October 2021

A new economic world order

By James Sproule
26 August 2021

Going beyond Diversity & Inclusion - Harnessing 'difference' to unleash potential

Buhle Dlamini, a cultural intelligence and diversity expert for TomorrowToday Global, examines the vital importance of going beyond traditional D&I frameworks and embracing ‘difference’, to build effective teams and organisations.
30 July 2021

Meet Paul, the worker of the future

When we try to imagine the future of work, we usually picture a scene from a science fiction film. Young, tech savvy folk and their robot sidekicks, staring at large screens in a minimalist office that looks like a cross between a spaceship and a...
6 July 2021

Take innovation a step at a time

By Fredrik Högström, CIO, RSM Sweden
23 June 2021

Post-pandemic M&A outlook - why we should be cautiously confident

There is a saying that ‘when it rains, it pours’. This perfectly summarises the story of M&A markets in 2020, a story which is continuing as 2021 progresses.