Julia Wood dos Santos
Development Consulting Manager

Service : Consulting

Julia Wood dos Santos is responsible for developing RSM Mozambique’s Development Consulting Service Line. With a Master’s Degree in Public Health, Julia has over 7 years of experience with development consulting and research projects across various sectors in national and international settings.


RSM conducts a community survey about family planning and gender-based violence

Mozambique's Northern Provinces of Nampula, Cabo Delgado, and Niassa are host to some of the nation's highest poverty rates which have been compounded by recent political instability. These challenges have been contributing factors regarding Mozambique's high rates of premature marriage / premature pregnancy as well as other forms of gender-based v...

What is Development Consulting?

We are your trusted partner in the origination, development, monitoring, and evaluation of your social development project. RSM Mozambique proudly presents our solutions for adding value to your development projects and to our shared communities. We are experienced in managing effective data collection and providing specific feedback within the ...