Coronavirus: RSM advises on financial & economic changes

The Dutch and international business community will be significantly affected by the coronavirus. The financial and economic consequences may also be considerable.

RSM offers you advice on how to deal with these measurements and changes which are applicable to you. Please contact your RSM advisor to further discuss which measures may be relevant for you and your business.

We provide information on the various consequences and what you can do as an entrepreneur.
The most recently published articles are:

Court rules that UWV must filter out special allowances of the reference wage bill for NOW-1 (Dec. 22, 2021)
Government announces support package Q1 2022 (December 22 2021)
Corona Economic Support Measures in Q4 2021 (December 8, 2021)

Special deferral of payment of taxes (Corona measure) ended on 1 April 2022

8 April 2022
Since 1 April 2022, taxpayers are no longer able to apply for special deferral of payment of taxes and newly arising tax debts must be paid within the period specified. Tax debts accumulated under the special deferral must be repaid starting from 1 October 2022. In this newsflash, we outline the consequences.

Government announces support package Q1 2022

22 December 2021
The government announced that the economic support measures in connection with the corona crisis would be extended. These support measures are explained in more detail in a Parliamentary letters of 14 December 2021 and 21 December 2021. In this newsletter we inform you about some of these support measures, which will apply in the first quarter of 2022.

Court rules that UWV must filter out special allowances of the reference wage bill for NOW-1

22 December 2021
The District Court of Limburg ruled that accuracy must be exercised in determining the NOW subsidy. If the employer can show that the wage bill in the reference month is not representative, the subsidy must be determined again, with the correct data.

Corona Economic Support Measures in Q4 2021

8 December 2021
On Friday 26 November 2021, the government announced new corona measures for a minimum period of three weeks. To assist affected companies, the government will considerably expand the economic support package. This Newsflash outlines the NOW 5, TVL Q4 2021 and a number of fiscal measures. NOW 5

The NOW-4 (sixth application period) in outline

2 August 2021
In this newsletter we describe the outline of the NOW-4, the sixth application period (tranche).

TVL Q2: a few points of interest and differences with TVL Q1

21 July 2021
The TVL Q2 2021 is open until August 21, 2021. The well-known requirement of a 30% turnover decrease remains unchanged, but there are also differences with TVL Q1 2021. 

Repeal of the job-related investment allowance (BIK)

3 June 2021
The State Secretary for Finance announced that the job-related investment allowance that came into force on 1 January 2021 will be repealed with retroactive effect. The BIK budget for 2021 will be allocated to the business sector in a different way.

TVL Q1 2021 for large enterprises

3 June 2021
In this Newsflash we will take a closer look at the Reimbursement Fixed Costs scheme (TVL) for large enterprises and discuss a number of key facts.

Government intends to extend support package to third quarter of 2021!

3 June 2021
The government plans to extend the support package for jobs and the economy to Q3 2021. In addition, the government is implementing further measures to assist companies with their growing debts.

Job-related investment allowance

5 May 2021
The job-related investment allowance (BIK) is a temporary government incentive scheme, designed to ensure that companies continue to invest in new assets, for example, even during these turbulent times. The BIK came into force on 1 January 2021, but also applies to investments committed to as at 1 October 2020 or after.

Increase of subsidies under the Reimbursement Fixed Costs SMEs scheme (TVL)

3 March 2021
The government has announced an extension of the Fixed Expenses Allowance (TVL) by means of a letter to the Lower House of Parliament. With this it wants to continue to support companies and sectors by meeting their liquidity needs. The extension is as follows:  

Extension of special tax deferral until 1 July 2021

3 March 2021
Due to the continuing Corona crisis, the government has decided to extend the special tax deferral until 1 July 2021.  If companies have already been granted a special three-month extension, this can be extended until 1 July 2021.


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