Corporate social responsibility

Nowadays, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer just about the environment. It’s a much wider concept in which doing business is combined with consideration for people and society.

RSM also believes it is important to accept its responsibility in this regard. As an ambitious organisation, we want to grow – but in a sustainable and committed manner. We have actually been committed from the outset, to our staff, to our customers and to civil-society organisations. We have already taken a number steps in the area of corporate social responsibility but we can still do more to improve.

Of course, we are only one link in the chain. We discuss our priority areas, wherever possible, with our suppliers, including our leasing company. Together, we are looking at the possibilities of reducing our carbon emissions from the vehicle fleet. By doing so, we are taking another step in the right direction and hope that other companies will follow our example.

CSR report

Every year we publish a CSR report. This is only available in Dutch. You can find the report on our Dutch CSR page.