Rudolf Winkenius

Office : Haarlem
Service : Tax Services

Rudolf has been managing partner of RSM Netherlands since 1995. Rudolf started his career in 1985 at Zeven & Timmer, while studying Economics at the University of Amsterdam. After the merger between Zeven & Timmer and Ernst & Whinney he worked at the headquarters of Ernst & Whinney in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. He has served a variety of clients, both nationally and internationally. After the demerger of Ernst & Whinney in 1990, he moved to Niehe Lancée in Haarlem. In 1995 he became partner and in 2005 managing partner of RSM Niehe Lancée Kooij (now called RSM Netherlands). From 2010 to 2015 he was member of the International board of RSM.

Rudolf is client focussed, analytic, involved, pragmatic, critical and a team player. 

He is the treasurer of the Papageno Foundation, member of the board of STAK Agfra and also is a member of the global tax leadership group of RSM.