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As a business owner, you need accurate management information. We will be happy to help you set up your administration system and the right management information system and generate the necessary reports. Because we collect valuable information on your organisation, we are able to advise you on possible improvements you can make in your business. This could include the taking of investment decisions, new business, efficiency gains and balance-sheet optimisation, overseeing financing processes and processes concerning share valuation, succession planning and restructuring.

Our administrators give advice from their own independent organisation: Brouwer & Oudhof (B&O). B&O is a subsidiary of RSM. It provides a wide range of clients with both simple and more complex financial administration. Just as with RSM, the hallmarks of the advice and service provided by this company are reliability and commitment.

Where necessary, B&O works with RSM’s administrators, e.g. when changing a company’s legal status or approving its annual accounts. However, these administration consultants are never called in without your express permission as the client.

You will find more information about B&O on the websites below:

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