Business Financing

To do business successfully, you need a suitable financing structure that keeps pace with your capital requirements to ensure continued growth. To maintain an adequate flow of funds, you will often need different sources of financing. However, this requires knowledge, expertise, a network and a creative solution. We can advise you throughout the financing process.

We are a member of Credion and therefore have access to a wide network and national financing volume, which puts us in a strong negotiating position. For example, we don’t just approach the well-known Dutch banks, we also check out dozens of alternative options, including:

  • crowdfunding
  • leasing and factoring solutions
  • pre-financing of purchase invoices
  • international banks
  • informal capital
  • sector-specific Dutch and international banks

You can be sure that you will be presented with the most suitable solution. You can look upon us as a sparring partner with specific industry knowledge and valuable contacts, who knows you and your business and how the financial world works.

We will guide you to the best possible financing package in five clear steps:

  1. initial introductory meeting
  2. setting up an advice plan
  3. professional loan application
  4. negotiation and completion
  5. monitoring after the loan has been issued

For further information, please contact us.

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