Family businesses

When running a family business, you regularly need to deal with tax issues. Both in the here and now, but certainly also with respect to succession and the transfer of business. RSM is the expert in the field of tax consultancy and assisting family businesses. Thanks to our personal approach, you will work together with a permanent team of experts who get to know you and the family well and can therefore provide you with the best advice. We are happy to assist you with the following matters.

We assist you in organising your business succession and transfer

Together with you, we examine your wishes regarding business succession. Are there children or grandchildren who have the ambition to run the company once you retire? And if so, are they already able to do so, or will time be needed to prepare them? If there is no successor in the family, how do you envisage the succession?

Starting on time is important in the case of succession and transfer of business, so that you can hand over the business with peace of mind. We know the possibilities and together with you we prepare a step-by-step plan aimed at organising the entire succession from A to Z.

Have you already drawn up an emergency plan?

Nobody likes to think about it, but what if you are suddenly unable to run the company due to an emergency? What needs to be done to keep the company going? By preparing a proper emergency plan, you prevent things from going wrong because of time pressure or emotions. For example, you can appoint one or more people who will be (temporarily) in charge. The emergency plan ensures that they have access to the accounts and documents they need. RSM helps you draw up and record the emergency plan. In the event of an emergency, you ensure that the right people are given the (temporary) powers they need.

Organising the business side by means of a sound business strategy

Entrepreneurship within a family business has a family and a business side. The organisation of the business side, the choices and the direction you grow in have consequences, including on a fiscal level. RSM assists many family businesses and we are familiar with the pros and cons of the possible structures and strategies. We would like to apply our expertise and experience to support your company in preparing a sound future-proof strategy.

The RSM Family Office takes care of the asset management following the sale of your company

If you sell (part of) your family business, you may become the owner of substantial (private) wealth overnight. This offers opportunities, but also presents challenges. The RSM Family Office service takes work and worries off your hands and ensures that your assets are managed as per your wishes. We assist you and liaise with other parties if necessary. And if you have international wishes or ambitions, our worldwide network of experts will help ensure that everything is taken care of down to the last detail. This way you can enjoy the fruits of your wealth with peace of mind.

Would you like more information?

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For more information
please contact:

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