Financial administration

Maintaining the financial administration in a timely and correct manner is of great importance to every company. However, it is very time-consuming. Moreover, it is subject to legal requirements. Would you rather focus on your core activities? Then you might consider outsourcing all or part of your administration to RSM. We can support you in various ways. From full outsourcing of the administration to the annual audit of the administration. We can do this either at your location or at our office.

Benefits of outsourcing your financial administration

Outsourcing (part of) your financial administration and opting for automation or secondment offers more benefits than just having more time to focus on your core activities, such as:

  • Hiring knowledge and skills when you really need it
  • Scaling up when expanding, scaling down when downsizing
  • Ensuring continuity; due to our uniform working method, there is always someone available to ensure that your administrative processes continue even in the event of sickness or leave.
  • Financial benefits by making better use of tax opportunities through good advice on investment issues
  • Always up-to-date knowledge of legislation and regulations

All this means that outsourcing your financial administration can often result in considerable cost savings.

Automation: efficient and reduced risk of errors

The financial administration is complex and often error-prone as a result. Links with other data and software systems are often necessary, such as with the Customs and Tax Administration, banks, the Chamber of Commerce and financiers. But also cash register systems and sales invoicing, to property management systems and salary packages.

When outsourcing (part of) your financial administration to RSM, we will link these systems and automate the entire process. This results in a significantly more efficient administration that is less prone to errors. In addition, our online platform gives you direct insight into vital data at any time. Incidentally, we can also assist you with (further) automation of your administration if you are currently managing this yourself.

Whatever your company looks like and whatever your specific wishes, we can set up an efficient solution that saves time and money.

Financial secondment: the best in-house expertise at the right time

Would you like to have access to the right expertise at the right time, while keeping your company as flexible as possible? Financial secondment, whereby an RSM consultant works at your location, is the ideal solution.

By temporarily hiring RSM specialists, you get exactly the knowledge you need when you need it. This allows you to elevate your financial administration to a higher level, while in most cases it is cost-saving as well.

This is also an ideal solution if you temporarily need extra capacity, for example when addressing personnel issues or during peak periods. Secondment allows you to scale up and down quickly and easily.

Would you like more information?

There are several options for outsourcing (part of) your financial administration. Please contact us to discuss how we can offer your company the most efficient solution:

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For more information
please contact:

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