Financial Statements & Reports

Most SMEs are required by law to prepare the financial statements. This is an annual, time-consuming process we are happy to assist you with. We ensure that you meet all your obligations, and perhaps even more importantly: you can also use the financial statements as a basis for discussions regarding expansion plans, financing, risks or strategic reformulations. We look forward to being a sounding board for you and, if required, provide you with interim reports, dashboards and other (management) reports.

You can engage RSM for the entire process relating to your financial statements. Find out what we can do with respect to:

Preparing the financial statements

Would you like to save time and submit faultless financial statements that comply with current legislation and regulations? Would you prefer considering the financial statements not just as an obligation, but as a useful basis for the future of your company? Then outsource the preparation of the financial statements to RSM. We will analyse your financial position clearly and quickly, allowing you to immediately use the insights gained from the financial statements to increase your returns. Read more about preparing the financial statements.

Pre-audit services

Is your accountant about to start auditing the financial statements? Do you want to be sure that your company is ready, thus preventing any unpleasant surprises during the audit? Then use RSM's pre-audit services. This prevents peak loads within your administration department, which could result in considerable cost-savings. Discover the benefits of pre-audit services.

Management reports

Do you require specific insights into the figures? A clarifying summary for non-financials, or a comprehensive report for your management team to set the course for the coming years? RSM develops clear management reports to this end. Real-time dashboards that enable you to give direction to your organisation. Read more about management reports.

Audit of the financial statements

Auditing the financial statements forms an important part of the services of RSM. If you have the financial statements audited by our auditors, you are guaranteed to provide correct company information. Good for your reputation as a reliable party! Read more about auditing the financial statements.

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