Legal Services

To run a business efficiently, you want to have all your tax and legal affairs in order. Taking care of these matters may be a considerable challenge for you as there’s a multitude of laws that you have to comply with. If you’re looking for legal expertise, you’ve come to the right place at RSM. We provide legal services in the related fields of accountancy and tax advice.

Our advisers are fully up to date with the most recent legislation and regulations. This means that you not only gain an insight into tax options, you also get advice on the legal consequences of developments occurring in your organisation. It is important that you observe statutory and legal regulations, even when drawing up employment contracts, leases and loan agreements, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you need specific legal expertise, such as from a lawyer or notary, we can refer you on via our network. We will then represent your interests as an intermediary or coordinator.