M&A Tax

Major transactions such as mergers and acquisitions can involve a variety of tax issues. Analysis of those which arise from such transactions is essential if you are to make well-informed decisions.

At RSM we will use our significant experience and expertise to support and lead you through all steps of the transaction process. Transactions require advisers who can provide the responsiveness and flexibility required. Whether you are planning to sell your existing operations, to acquire a new business, to perform a merger, joint venture or IPO or to raise additional finance; we can advise and support on all aspects, such as:

  • Tax due diligence (vendor/buyer);
  • Setting up a tax efficient sale or acquisition structure (pre-deal structuring);
  • Tax efficient integration of the acquired activities in the concern (post deal-structuring);
  • Setting up management participation programmes;
  • Advisory regarding financing aspects such as structuring loans an interest costs (e.g. shareholder and private equity financing);
  • Advisory regarding transaction documentation such as share and purchase agreements, tax warranties, tax indemnities and other documentation; and
  • Communication and coordination with the Dutch tax authorities and foreign tax authorities.

We work closely together with our Financial Advisory Services and Transaction Advisory Services teams for a maximum result. We take a commercial and pragmatic approach to the tax due diligence process, and are able to perform either a high-level review (red-flag) or a more in-depth assessment as required.

With transactions, it is essential to take into account the tax position in an early stadium. In this respect, think about ensuring clearances of the tax authorities and ensuring the fiscal timing of possible restructurings, but mostly to make sure you have the best negotiation position.

Please get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity to begin exploring your options and to finalize your envisaged transaction with a maximum tax efficiency.

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