RSM Risk Advisory Services

As the person with ultimate responsibility in a for-profit or not-for-profit organisation, what you are looking for is certainty. Certainty that your increasingly complex organisation meets the growing demands imposed by stricter regulation. Laws and regulations form a framework within which changes and risks often become unclear or even invisible. Combined with complex, usually computerised business processes, this creates uncertainty: “Are we managing all the process mechanisms?” “Are we achieving our organisation’s objectives?” “Are we in position to issue an official in-control statement if required?” “In short, are we in control?” Risk Advisory Services provides you with the certainty want, every time, every day, quickly, accurately and smoothly.

Whether it’s commercial businesses, healthcare institutions, educational organisations, housing associations or government agencies, they all have to conform to current regulations and, usually, demonstrate that they are managing their processes properly within these regulations. However, this is often seems difficult, if not impossible. The experts at Risk Advisory Services can do it. We specialise in advising on GRC (Governance, Risk management and Compliance) applications, creating effective management information systems and giving advice on complex project organisations. You will soon be able to be and remain in control independently. Naturally, a high standard of service is guaranteed. Once the management tools have been implemented to your satisfaction in your organisation, our team remains on hand to provide any assistance you need.

The service we provide include:

  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
  • Cloud Services
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Risk Reporting & Enterprise Risk Management
  • Application- and IT General Controls Audits
  • Data Conversion
  • Security & Privacy assessments
  • IT audits government
  • Third Party Assurance

Legislation and regulations, business processes and cultures, the nature of your organisation, these are the variables that help determine the advice we give. So you are not a stranger to us. What’s more, we know your culture and speak your language. These are aspects that we consider absolutely necessary to provide a service successfully.

If you want to know more about Risk Advisory Services, please contact us.

drs. Maarten Mennen RA RE CRISC CISA 
T +31(0)45 405 55 55
E [email protected]