Special investigations

Would you like to have a special investigation carried out? A customised investigation, for example for the purpose of a funding application, or because you would like extra certainty with respect to a specific subject? RSM regularly carries out special customised investigations for its clients.

What can RSM investigate for you?

Special investigations have one common denominator: they are always customised. For example, you can hire us for the following:

  • Investigation for a financing application.
  • Investigation into royalty statements.
  • Subsidy statements requiring further investigation.
  • Investigation into the insured interest in relation to the insurance policy in a case of absenteeism due to illness.

These are just a few examples. If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Which investigations do we not carry out?

Personal investigations, forensic audits and fraud investigations are not part of our services. If we come across signs of fraud within your company - which we hope will not be the case, of course - our employees will act accordingly. In a cautious yet decisive manner.

Would you like more information about special investigations?

Do you have a specific question or would you like to know more about special investigations? Please contact:

Wilfred Castricum
+31(0)20 635 20 00
E [email protected]

For more information
please contact:

Wilfred Castricum
Partner & Head of Audit
+31(0) 20 635 20 00
E [email protected]