Transfer pricing

Our transfer pricing experts have many years of experience in assisting multinational companies with their transfer pricing issues. Besides the fact that transfer pricing is obligatory in many countries, transfer pricing techniques can also be used to reduce the effective tax burden. These techniques include business chain optimisation.  As, without exception, transfer pricing is a transnational issue, we are members of a worldwide network of transfer pricing specialists.

Our advice and support are focused on:

  • Reducing the tax burden through business chain optimisation.
  • Providing advice in the area of restructurings, acquisitions and reorganisations.
  • Reviewing and preparing transfer pricing documentation.
  • Updating and establishing external benchmarks for regular business transactions, as well as pricing intangible assets and financial transactions.
  • Consultation and discussions with local tax authorities during tax audits.
  • Obtaining advance rulings with local tax authorities.
  • Reviewing and drawing up contracts.
  • Assisting with the implementation of transfer pricing in the administrative organisation.

If you would like more information contact your RSM advisor or: 

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