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12 September 2019

The consequences of GDPR on cybersecurity

The GDPR is identified as the key driver to businesses taking the first steps in cybersecurity and the legislation is justifiably seen as a champion in this space, but there have been some unintended consequences.
12 September 2019

The vulnerability of employees to cybercrime

Correctly, most businesses see human error as the core area of vulnerability with targeted attacks on staff via phishing, whaling and ransomware attacks being the most sensitive touchpoint, so what can be done to educate employees?
12 September 2019

The importance of reporting cybercrime

Having a culture which encourages staff to report data breaches is key to ensuring that the real scale of the threat can be determined, and so that root cause analysis can be undertaken to help prevent future attacks.


12 September 2019

RSM’s cybersecurity top tips

An industry shift around cyber risks, threats and breaches is needed and transparency is at its heart. Here are RSM’s top tips to help make cybersecurity a priority.
12 September 2019

39% of European businesses admit to being breached by a cyberattack but the majority of hacks remain hidden from public

Almost half (46%) of successful attacks target under-trained employees 75% of attacks never become public knowledge despite GDPR breach notification requirements 62% believe hackers are more sophisticated than security software developers
27 August 2019

International VAT Update: August 2019

Breaking VAT news from RSM's experts around the world
9 August 2019

Value Added Tax Changes in Poland

From 1 November 2019, Polish tax authorities will be introducing significant changes in value added tax by introducing the Split Payments Mechanism (SPM).
5 August 2019

August 2019 - Your Global Summary of IFRS News and Developments

RSM News in Brief on IFRS summarises recent IASB discussions and decisions, highlights RSM thought leadership from around the world, and addresses an IFRS application question each month.
12 July 2019

Introducing the new RSM China

To continue attracting and retaining the very best talent, our focus must also be on the continued investment we make in our people, delivering our brand values through our behaviours, as well as our work, and moving forward together with an...