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Knowledge is power – but only if it is delivered to you in a timely and easily accessible and understandable way.

There will always be changes. But an early understanding of a change often turns it from a threat to an opportunity.

Our audit and assurance updates seek to cut through the clutter, boil down the issues to their important essence, and keep you ahead of the game.

New charity financial reporting and audit requirements | An opportunity for alignment?

20 August 2015
The biggest change in financial reporting in 20 years, and for many charities; the biggest change to their financial reporting ever, has recently been legislated. We look at the opportunities this presents for the entities themselves as well as for funders and stakeholders. Background

Accounting Legislation Change

19 August 2015
The accounting world in New Zealand has been going through the most significant changes in the past 20 years. Much of this has been the result of the comprehensive legislative reform that is now in effect. We highlight some changes that may be important to you or your clients.

How's your governance team?

30 July 2015
Getting your governance team right can be the key to extraordinary success in any organisation.  NFPs and charities have some unique features in this regard.  To really succeed they also need to heed governance best practice. 

RSM Auditors achieve Qualified Auditor status

23 July 2015
The New Zealand Government has introduced a new requirement where auditors of entities required by legislation to be audited (i.e. they have a statutory audit requirement) now need to be recognised as being qualified to undertake such engagements.

Who holds the keys to change?

14 July 2015
Getting change to occur in any organisation is difficult. Often it seems even more so in the NFP/charity sector. We explore some of the reasons why and seek to answer the question; “Who holds the most effective keys to facilitating change.” Background

Is membership dead or dying?

30 June 2015
Are you involved in an incorporated society? Is your incorporated society struggling to attract and retain members?  Are you noticing that many people now just seem to want a more casual involvement?

Please don't set up a new NFP entity!

10 June 2015
Are there too many entities in our Not for Profit sector?  At over 100,000 for a small country like New Zealand with a population of under 4.5m many people think so.  Yet why is it so common that one hears the discussion about setting up another new legal entity?

Fewer, deeper, longer | A philanthropic funding trend

26 May 2015
Back in early 2013 we wrote an article on an emerging philanthropic funding trend which we called Fewer, Deeper, Longer.  Fast forward to 2015 and this trend is even more applicable with the concept also being picked up by some Government funding agencies. Hence we thought it was worth an update.

Mandatory performance reporting for charities

28 April 2015
Out with annual financial reports and in with the more comprehensive performance reports.  Why this mandatory change for registered charities and what does it mean?

The passion conundrum in the NFP/charitable sector

7 April 2015
Passion is an essential requirement for success. But can there be too much passion? Is passion sometimes actually a handbrake on success?

Incorporated societies act | Time for an overhaul

27 March 2015
In 2013 The Law Commission released their report on their comprehensive review of theIncorporated Societies Act…and a sensible well considered report it is too!   We look at what this is likely to mean in summary for New Zealand’s 23,000 + Incorporated Societies.

Are you a New Zealand Incorporated Society?

14 March 2015
New Zealand company legislation has, and is continuing to undergo some quite dramatic changes of late.  The latest changes come in the form of the Companies Amendment Act (No 4) 2014 which introduces a number of new requirements for New Zealand companies. 


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