RSM New Zealand
15 June 2018

Bold move for RSMNZ Auckland

Last night we celebrated the end of the first month in our brand new purpose built and expanded premises in the Highbrook  Office Park.
11 June 2018

Sustainability and Strategy – What lens to use? 可持续及战略发展 – 多角度探讨

可持续发展对于任何组织来说都至关重要,也是监管层的首要任务。然而,许多组织在制定相应策略时的想法和方式都已经过时了。本文将多角度探讨您的组织在大环境中如何做到可持续运营。 许多组织面临着源于变革的日益严峻的挑战。这种变革来自技术、新的经济模式、社会、气候、立法或其他重大变化,或远不止这些!因此,组织需要持续进化。要做到这一点,必须不断寻找新的方法来审视所处的环境并以此避免短视的观点。 与这个紧密联系是我们在忙碌的人身上看到的最大危险之一:他们通常“太忙”而没能好好审时度势。因此,...
1 June 2018

Standard Terms and Conditions - RSM New Zealand

Please note this document is only applicable to the trading entities RSM New Zealand (Auckland) and RSM New Zealand (Auckland North).  If you are an audit client through RSM Hayes Audit, you will be provided with a separate document outlining your...
27 May 2018

Six degrees of separation

Global connections in our own back yard
24 May 2018

Sustainability and Strategy in Organisations – What lens to use?

Any organisation should be concerned about its sustainability.  This is a core role of governance.  Yet many organisations when setting strategy do so using outdated thinking and approaches.  This article looks at some possible lenses through which...
30 April 2018

Ring-Fencing Rental Losses – a Labour Government Initiative

Hot off the tail of the extension to the bright-line test (extended from 2 to 5 years from 29 March 2018), comes an Official Issues Paper released in March 2018 that will see investors lose the ability to offset rental property losses from their...
24 April 2018

您的公司面临舞弊风险!(Your organisation is at risk from fraud!)

希望这个标题成功引起了你的注意。不幸的是根据我们多年专业服务的经验,这种说法是有道理的。 应对舞弊风险,没有任何公司或组织有完美的保护机制。 但这并不意味着我们不能采取一些有效措施来保护自己的公司或组织。 本文会列举一些公司因为发生舞弊而付出的惨重代价以及得到的经验教训,以便您的公司或组织可以从中学习,以确保不会发生同样的事情。  
19 April 2018

Auckland Office on the move

Effective May 7, 2018 the Auckland team will be located in new premises just 3 minutes away from our current location in Highbrook.