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RSM can help you with your day-to-day administrative and secretarial needs. outsourcing

We provide solutions for streamlining your accounting and bookkeeping procedures, so you can get on with running your business while knowing that all the accounting and statutory needs are being taken care of. RSM firms provide the following services to clients:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of budgets, management accounts and periodic financial analyses
  • Provision of temporary or part-time accounting assistance
  • Design and implementation of accounting systems
  • Preparation of accounting manuals
  • Payroll services
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Assisting clients with their business entry strategy into the country
  • Setting up new legal entities
  • Maintaining minutes and other legal documents
  • Non-executive directorships
  • Preparing and submitting annual returns

Fundraising Magazine - PBE Accounting Standards Adoption

Fundraising New Zealand magazine has been New Zealand's premiere independent monthly subscriber publication for the not-for-profit sector, and associated support organisations and individuals, since 2002.
29 May 2017
Narrow-scope amendments to the presentation of financial statements for for-profit entities

Narrow-scope amendments to the presentation of financial statements for for-profit entities

An initiative was launched internationally to explore how disclosures in IFRS can be amended to improve the way in which information is disclosed and presented in financial statements. Narrow-scope amendments to IAS 1 were issued by the IASB and approved by the NZASB for use in NZ IFRS.
10 May 2017

Struggling to find a work/life balance?

There simply aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish the things you want in your business let alone in other areas of your life – time with your family, time to relax, read a book, or do something just because it’s fun.
7 July 2016
A spotlight on transport

A spotlight on transport

Profit margin is a measure used to define job effectiveness.  Third party logistics (3PL) companies remain relevant and competitive by being cost effective.  Longer route times, trickier cargo and an increase in customer demand around time and cost have driven the need for 3PL companies to collaborate for effective solutions.
6 April 2016
A spotlight on transport

Governance 101

At RSM we love to share good ideas, innovation, and helpful resources. The team at Sport NZ are in our view leaders in providing useful information and educational material to sports organisations. However much of this good information equally translates to valuable resources for the wider NFP/Charitable sector.
5 April 2016
Merger Delivers Growth for RSM in New Zealand

Merger Delivers Growth for RSM in New Zealand

The merger of chartered accounting firms RSM and Nexia New Zealand’s Auckland operations will deliver a stronger, mid-market offering in accounting and business solutions.
1 April 2016
New Trends in Financial Reporting – Integrated Reporting

New Trends in Financial Reporting – Integrated Reporting

In an earlier article we have previously written about new trends influencing financial reporting including the concept of Integrated Reporting. 
24 March 2016
Innovation a mainstay in modern business  

Innovation a mainstay in modern business  

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organisation, no longer relegated to the back-burner, innovation has now become a necessity in modern day business. Whether you are looking to streamline processes and procedures or embarking on transforming your ideas into reality, being innovative is an important ingredient when
22 March 2016

Holiday pay and entitlements: How to calculate

Public holidays, annual closedowns, different pay rates – there are many considerations in the run-up to Christmas apart from buying presents. Take the time to calculate and pay your staff what they’re entitled to Employees are entitled to a paid day off on a public holiday if it would otherwise be a working day.
30 November 2015


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