We have good knowledge of the Norwegian Accounting Act and good accounting practice (GRS), in addition to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). We have the experience and expertise required to prepare the annual accounts and ensure that the requirements are met at all times.

IFRS is a complex set of regulations and it is constantly changing. In recent years, several comprehensive and important accounting standards have been implemented. Small and large projects are at the planning stage. We have the experience and expertise required to assist with IFRS conversion, IFRS reporting and training in IFRS.

RSM can assist you with:

Are you interested in learning more about the accounting implications of changing from NGAAP to IFRS for your company's financial statements and disclosures? We can assist with identifying differences and implementing IFRS. We have experience from first-time adoption of IFRS in connection with stock exchange listings and other companies' voluntary adopting IFRS.

Does your company have sufficient knowledge, capacity and experience for reporting according to IFRS? We know what is needed, and assist companies with their IFRS reporting activities, whether it be quarterly or half-year reporting or preparing financial statements according to IFRS.

Does your company possess sufficient knowledge to report according to IFRS? We arrange regular courses covering IFRS topics and can customise a training programme to your company's needs or to a specific industry. These can cover general IFRS topics or selected IFRS topics such as financial instruments, revenue recognition, consolidated financial statements or leases.

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