Fighting back - Covid-19

7 April 2020
Abdullah Wiqar
The economic fall out from Corona is going to be massive. According to some experts, the economic impact of the contagion will be much more impactful than the biological impact. The world has gone into a state of suspended animation but only...

Passing The Torch

7 January 2019
After years of diligent and steadfast service, the Managing Partner of the Firm, Mr. Wiqar Avais has decided to hang up his gloves and retire from the position of the Managing Partner. He led the firm as a Managing Partner for a vigil of 30 long...

Competition of a different sort

20 April 2016
Abdullah Wiqar
This March the staff of the Head Office of RSM Pakistan participated in the ICAP sanctioned Chartered Accountants Student Association Cricket Tournament. It was a welcome relief for the articled trainees from the humdrum of determining materiality...