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Here you can find free copies of literature produced by RSM, including global insights, technical updates, newsletters and information about the RSM network and our services. They are designed to provide a running commentary of global tax, audit and advisory issues, developments and news. 

1 April 2020
Jason Clarke
When it comes to business, change and transformation is inevitable - how you prepare for and respond to that can often be the difference between success and failure. 
1 April 2020
The RSM Transparency Report 2019 provides information on the structure and functions of the RSM network and how our global policies and procedures govern the provision of services that member firms provide to their clients. 
31 March 2020
Rob Mander
The global impact of coronavirus aligned with the fact that different countries are at different stages in responding to the pandemic will mean a new way of doing business will be with us for many months (and probably longer).
18 March 2020
The COVID 19 situation is changing rapidly and governments and tax administrations are moving quickly, to deal with the economic consequences of what will be a significant downturn in business activity. 
17 March 2020
Simon Hart
As we enter into the ‘Roaring Twenties’, there is much change and uncertainty afoot and advanced and emerging market economies alike are still tracking their downward trajectories.
17 March 2020
Businesses that offer an inclusive working environment, for a diverse blend of employees stand ready to transform, grow and outpace their competitors. But how can organisations work to unlock these benefits?
13 March 2020
To take advantage of emerging trends in both technology and cyberspace, businesses need to manage risks in ways beyond those traditionally handled by the information security function, since innovative attacks will most certainly impact both...
13 March 2020
Ransomware creates a nightmare scenario for every business it targets. It results in lost access to critical systems and data, prolonged downtime, lost productivity, and lost profits.
13 March 2020
What we continue to see is that no one is immune. There is no real pattern to the types of organisations being attacked, however clearly the larger high-profile brands are the ones that receive the most publicity.
13 March 2020
The world is moving on quickly. Smart devices and social media are intertwined, leaving users, homes, healthcare, financial, manufacturing and other industries vulnerable, hackable and easy targets to be taken down and/or held for ransom.


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