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12 May 2021
The traditional model of a family office setting up in a bricks and mortar space and hiring the right professionals to work and subsequently assemble with family members several times of year, where they would plan and talk strategy, are but a...
6 May 2021
In changing times, how can business leaders identify the urgent changes needed in their organisation?
5 May 2021
Where are smart investments being made? For families looking to speculatively invest in specific industries that fit their investment profile, a common question is where is the smart money going? The evolving COVID-19 environment has provided...
5 May 2021
Family offices manage about $4 trillion globally, according to a study conducted by Campden Wealth. As a growing number of families sell out their founding businesses and are cash rich, the amount of wealth managed by these offices continues to...
5 May 2021
Looking forward to a post-pandemic world, there are several factors that family offices should consider during these uncertain times. Managing human capital
4 May 2021
Enforced lockdowns imposed by many governments around the world over the last year, have had a significant impact on businesses.
30 April 2021
What are the most common types of businesses that can be established in China? Foreign investors are allowed to register the following types of entities for doing business in China:
30 April 2021
We are aware that international expansion includes many aspects to be considered. When entering the Chinese market, our team of experienced professionals will be continuously optimising and updating our solutions for your accounting, tax compliance...
30 April 2021
With transformation that began in the 1970s, China is today the world's largest manufacturing economy and exporter of goods and is also on track in becoming the world’s largest economy. With a population of about 1.4 billion, China is known for its...
29 April 2021
Businesses around the world have been affected by the global pandemic. For human resource teams, it is important to be reimagining HR business models to prepare for a better future.


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