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1 July 2020
Jason Clarke
“If you want sparks you’ll need a little friction. And that means somehow orchestrating minds that have very little in common.” In this article, Jason Clarke discusses how leveraging  diversity of thought can lead to more innovation and success for...
25 June 2020
As businesses move from reacting to the pandemic to focusing on building operational resilience, having a proactive and consistent technology strategy in place is an important component. Smart choices in how your organisation delivers technology...
22 June 2020
Amid disruption, change can be seen as a very serious threat so how do you neutralise this perceived threat? In part 1 of Greg Orme’s webinar, he explores how laughter and humour can be compelling tools with a significant positive impact during...
22 June 2020
Did you know that the same part of your brain lights up both when you hear a joke and when you have a new idea? Following on from part 1 which discussed the concept of laughter, Greg Orme turns to ideas and the rise of creativity – drawing on...
22 June 2020
In an increasingly distracted world where we face the greatest attention hijack of human history, thanks to smartphones and AI, we are confronted with how to protect our ability focus whilst being surrounded by so many interruptions. Part 3 of this...
22 June 2020
The concluding part of Greg Orme’s webinar looks at the concept of threats, explaining that by following his L.I.F.T. acronym and harnessing laughter, ideas and focus, you can almost certainly transform those threats into opportunities.  
18 June 2020
Henk Heymans unpacks the revolutionary Brydon Report and what it means for audit.
17 June 2020
Rhys Morgan, Ryan Duquette
The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the cracks in business systems in dire need of updates and upgrades. And while these updates require some investment of money and management time, the truth is that they could actually protect your business from...
9 June 2020
We were approached by an Italian multinational company specialising in high pressure hoses and fittings. They needed us to assist them with the restructure of their two South African entities. Whilst the South African entities were ultimately owned...
9 June 2020
In the world of modern business, it is natural that some organisations reach a point where they are forced to make hard decisions in order to keep the lights on. Whether it is due to debt, mismanagement, fraud, malpractice, or simply a failure to...


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