G.E.O. 99/2020

Legislation News no. 42/26.06.2020: 

Emergency ordinance 99/2020

Taxpayers who are subject to activity-specific tax for 2020 do not owe specific tax for a period of 90 days starting with the date when the emergency ordinance enters into force.
Please note that according to G.E.O. 48/2020, the specific tax is not due for the period when the activity was interrupted during the state of emergency either.
Imports, intracommunity acquisitions, and supplies of personal protective masks and medical ventilators for intensive care, carried out to/by public institutions within the rescEU plan, will be exempt of VAT until 1 October 2020.
Amendments brought to G.E.O. 33/2020 regarding certain fiscal measures and normative acts amendments, approved with annotations through Law no. 54/2020
Taxpayers who are due corporate income tax or income tax on micro-enterprises will benefit from a 10% discount if they pay their quarterly tax without exceeding the deadlines (25 July 2020, and 25 October 2020 respectively).
The discount will also apply to taxpayers who operate under a fiscal year that differs from the calendar year.
Amendments brought to G.E.O. 90/2020 modifying G.O. 6/2019 on the establishment of fiscal facilities and the modification of other normative acts

The deadline for payment of tax obligations due between March 21 - October 25,  2020 is extended until October 25, 2020.

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