Legislation News no. 35/23.04.2020

Legislation News no. 35/23.04.2020: 

Technical unemployment, income distribution, forms

Technical unemployment (Ordinance 53/2020)
Retirees or persons with disabilities can benefit from indemnities granted through the unemployment budget (up to 75% of the average gross salary for 2020), during the state of emergency period.
Technical unemployment indemnities granted according to ordinance 30/2020 will not be subject to deductions based on forced execution during the time they are being granted and for following 60 days after the state of emergency is over.
The deadline to request the technical unemployment indemnities for March 2020 by other categories of professionals (e.g. freelancers or individuals who obtain incomes exclusively from intellectual property rights) has been extended to April 28, 2020.
Redistributing 3.5% of the annual income tax (Order 936/2020)
Forms 230 (Request regarding the destination of the amount representing 2% or 3,5% of the annual salary/pension income tax/ Request regarding the destination of the amount of up to 3,5% of the annual income tax due) can be submitted online, in scanned form (forms must be previously signed by hand by the person that does the redistribution), based on a summary list, by the non-profit entities/ cult units beneficiaries.
Forms 100 and 710 (Order 935/2020)
The order modifies the layouts for forms 100 and 710, as well as the instructions to complete them.
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