State of emergency certificates

Legislation news no. 27/26.03.2020: 

State of emergency certificate
Order 791/2020, published in O.G. 248/25.03.2020

The Order defines the procedure to obtain the state of emergency certificates (SEC) required by companies whose activity has been affected in the context of pandemic SARS-CoV-2 in order to benefit from facilities and/or support measures granted through G.D. no. 30/2020 and G.D. no. 29/2020.

The state of emergency certificates will be released by the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment only for the duration of the state of emergency, and there will be two types of SEC:

State of emergency certificate Type 1 (blue):
Will be granted to solicitors who have fully or partially interrupted their activity during the state of emergency period following restrictions imposed by public authorities.
State of emergency certificate Type 2 (yellow):
Will be granted to solicitors making a statement on their own liability that they register a decrease of revenues in March 2020 by at least 25% over the average revenues obtained in January-February 2020.
The request and documents for obtaining the SEC will be submitted online, using the platform By March 30th 2020 the platform will be updated to this purpose. The certificates will be issued automatically after the validation of the submitted documents.
In order to obtain the State of emergency Certificate, the solicitor must provide the following:
— identification data;
— own liability statement from the legal representative (the form of the statement will be published on the platform).
If the legal representative does not own an electronic signature, they can sign by hand, and follow up with all the documents (including the own liability statement) signed electronically by another party, through power of attorney.


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