Corporate tax compliance and planning

We provide corporate income tax compliance services, such as the preparation and submission of tax returns to the tax authorities, using the information you provide us with.

We also provide on-going assistance to your dedicated personnel or department during the in-house tax returns preparation process, or tax return review services, prior to official submission to the tax authorities.

In addition, we can provide you with assistance when it comes to tax planning and the tax implications of business decisions or developments.

In Romania, as well as in any other EU country, VAT is an important matter for all businesses. Knowing and understanding the EU VAT Directive and the way it is implemented in the domestic legislation is key when making decisions on how to plan your investments. Our VAT specialists can give your company all the support it needs in order to be able to correctly and efficiently develop its activity and, also, to fully comply with the EU and the Romanian VAT legislation and regulations.


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