在新加坡进行首次公开募股(IPO)及借壳上市(反向收购)(RTO)的公司董事与高级管理层须接受基本培训,全面理解在新加坡上市的监管环境。 此课程内容符合新加坡上市公司董事与高管的必备培训要求,以及主理商的要求。学员本人出席并通过现场课程测试后,将获得RSM风险咨询有限公司授予的“课程研修证书”,此证书受到主理商的认可。







16 April 2018, Monday

In February 2018, the Income Tax (Transfer Pricing Documentation) Rules 2018 were gazetted and IRAS subsequently issued the revised Transfer Pricing (“TP”) Guidelines. Join our half-day seminar to gain insights on Singapore’s latest TP developments and what these changes mean for local taxpayers.

31 March 2018 Saturday

Organized by Singapore Medical Association (SMA), this Tax Seminar on Medical Practice will enable you to gain basic understanding of this topic and to better manage your medical practice and to fulfill its required obligations in view of the Budget 2018 announcement.

2018年3月21日, 星期三




19 March 2018, Monday

Following the Budget 2018 announcement, The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd has invited various Government agencies to come and address the highlights and impacts of Budget 2018 for the construction industry. Through this briefing, SCAL members may seek clarification and gain a deeper understanding of the various schemes available for the Businesses.

5th March 2018, Monday
Businesses are constantly under growth pressure and threat from technological disruptions. How will the proposed Budget 2018 measures transform the economy into a forward-looking one to help businesses build new capabilities and stay competitive?


Part 1 - Singapore Budget 2018

2nd February 2018, Friday

The Singapore economy in 2018 is poised for a new normal in growth with economic forecasts ranging from 2% to 3.5%. Business leaders are reflecting on their interpretation of ‘growth’ and continually developing strategies which focus on delivering quality and sustainable growth without sacrificing profitability and healthy margins.

11 January 2018, Wednesday

Despite robust IT security systems and measures in place, many security breaches or data theft still occur due to careless or untrained users. Now is the time to ensure your staff are not the weakest link in your defence chain. All users of corporate IT systems need to know of online actions that are putting themselves and their organisations at risk.