Video Insights

Business structures - Which one is right for you?

6 August 2019
When deciding on which business structure would be right for you, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. This video looks at the basic differences between each organisational form.

Appointment of a Public Officer

5 July 2019
The Tax Administration Act prescribes that every company carrying on a business or having an office in South Africa must be represented by a Public Officer.

Understanding financial statements

18 April 2019
Investors, entrepreneurs and any senior management of a company need to understand the financial statements. This video looks at the basics of financial statements.

2019 Budget Speech Highlights

20 February 2019
RSM South Africa Director, Neil Hughes, covers the highlights of the 2019 Budget Speech.

The regulations to the POPI Act have been published

16 January 2019
The regulations relating to the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act were published by the Information Regulator on 14 December 2018. This is a summary of the key points.

Being a trainee accountant at RSM

5 December 2018
At RSM, trainee accountants are valued as individuals and mentored as future leaders.

Business Interruption - Risk management for a loss event

4 October 2018
Business Interruption insurance protects the financial health of a business, its cash flow position and its ability to keep operating in the case of a loss event.

Secondments at RSM

19 September 2018
Secondments are a great opportunity offered to Trainee Accountants at RSM.

XBRL for annual financial statements

30 August 2018
As of July 2018, companies which are required to file their annual financial statements with their annual return must submit the annual financial statements in the XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) format.

Reducing the time and costs of your audit

24 August 2018
There are a number of things that a client can do to reduce the time spent on their audit and therefore also reduce the costs. It just takes a bit of preparation.

Personal tax submissions for 2018

20 August 2018
This video looks at what you need to know to submit your personal tax returns to SARS for the 2018 tax season.

Social media - The risk of reputational damage to a business

3 July 2018
Social media can impact a business in both a positive and negative manner. The poor use of social media by employees creates the risk of reputational damage to a business and needs to be considered by all employers.  

The Auditor's responsibility regarding fraud

16 May 2018
What is the Auditor's responsibility when it comes to detecting and dealing with fraud? This video looks at the role of the auditor in this situation.      

The King IV Report and Corporate Governance

13 April 2018
King IVTM is the fourth report by the King Commission that sets out the philosophy, principles, practices and outcomes which ultimately set the standard for Corporate Governance in South Africa.  

GDPR - An African context

27 March 2018
A look at the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it will affect businesses in Africa.