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Booking an appointment with SARS during lockdown

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) appointment bookings system used to be reserved for Tax Practitioners. However, as a result of the strict regulations and rules enforced by the Government since the beginning of Lockdown to minimise human contact, SARS has modernised its approach to enable all taxpayers to book appointments online.

So how does this work? Firstly, you will have navigate to the SARS website ( On the home page, you will see it contains an option to “Book an appointment”. By clicking on that link, it will then bring you to the page where instructions and guidelines are provided and at the bottom of the screen it will indicate “Click here to open the booking form in a new window”.

This is where you click to proceed to fill out all the necessary required information for the appointment. Once the details have been completed, it will require you to check for the next available date for an appointment. You will then need to do a security code validation. Once the security code has been validated, it will confirm on the screen, via email and sms the appointment time and date.

Please note that the online booking function only caters for voice or video appointments. In order to obtain a walk in appointment, you would need to call the SARS contact centre on 0800 11 7277 (toll free).

This is still a new approach being adopted by SARS, so time will prove how effective this revised method of appointments will be for taxpayers. It is however positive that SARS is embracing a modernisation of its approach in dealing with taxpayers.

Salaminah Pilane

Tax Administrator, Johannesburg

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