South Africa
25 September 2015

Budget, what budget?

A common complaint after the holidays is that people are experiencing cash flow pressure personally or in their business. Or, perhaps you’re experiencing this right through the year. The main solution to address cash flow problems and manage your...
23 September 2015

Maternity leave and pregnancy: Instalment 2

Instalment 2: What are a pregnant employee’s legal obligations in declaring her pregnancy when a) applying for a job and b) telling her employer that she is pregnant?
23 September 2015

Maternity leave and pregnancy: Instalment 1

Instalment 1: What laws protect a pregnant employee and what is such an employee protected against?


23 September 2015

Employee counselling for managers

How do you deal with an employee who approaches you for assistance on personal matters?  Follow these steps to provide the best advice you can: 1. Feel Flattered – The fact that the employee is approaching you means that they trust you and respect...
23 September 2015

Cybersecurity takes centre stage

If there was ever a time that information security was on the radar of risk management committees it would be now. It is an aspect of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) that now demands attention and recognition. Cybersecurity is leading the charge in...
23 September 2015

The ever changing IFRS - What has changed and what is to come

In the world of the ever-changing International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), most of us find it difficult to keep up to date with the new standards, interpretations or amendments to current standards. It doesn’t take long before everything...
23 September 2015

Tax free investments

The purpose of the new tax free investment products is to encourage individuals to increase their household savings.
10 September 2015

What your audit report means

Financial statements are prepared annually for the purpose of review and decision making by the intended users. It’s therefore imperative that the information presented in a set of financials be as fairly stated as possible.