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Audit is a good investment in your company's health

Auditing is about creating security, for both small and large companies. Always in close cooperation with you we perform an independent audit with the help of our skilled and experienced auditors. We proactively monitor your company's finances in order to find the best solutions in the long and short term.

RSM's auditors are quality-assured and have broad experience from a large number of companies and industries. We want you to see us as your source of financial information in order to make it easier for you to make important business decisions.

We always ensure that the lead auditor is actively present and closely involved in each assignment. We also have low staff turnover, which means that our clients can keep the same auditor for many years. In this way, auditors and clients have good opportunities to develop together.

Our auditors' work is also proof for authorities, banks, suppliers and customers that your finances and your organization are well managed, leading to faster credit decisions and lower credit costs – and keeping the focus of relationships on core business.

Our strengths in auditing:

  • High involvement of signing auditor
  • Continuity in staffing
  • Consultants develop with the customer
  • High availability – 24-hour contact guarantee
  • Strong commitment from all consultants
  • Proactive

How we work with auditing

It is our philosophy and part of our daily work, that the auditor is directly involved in the planning and execution of the audit. This ensures:

  • Fast and efficient communication between client managers and auditor.

  • Effective project management with the right focus on the right areas at the right time.

Immediate access to our expertise when you need it

We have 24-hour contact guarantee, which means that you never have to wait to get in contact with our experts. It should be easy to ask the auditing team questions – whether simple or complicated – and you should always be able to get in touch with the lead auditor or our senior experts.

Our account auditor or audit staff member will be your main contact and sounding board.

Continuity in the audit team

We always strive to have the same audit team throughout the audit. This means that we can work with maximum efficiency, while the audit team members over time get to know the company's operations, business processes, challenges and needs.

Suggestions for improvement

We will give you feedback on any weaknesses or shortcomings we have identified and give you suggestions for improvement based on our experience from other clients in similar or other industries.


Through our close collaboration with our clients, we create the opportunity to be proactive so that we, for example, can deliver good tax solutions.

RSM at the international level

We have personal contacts with accountants, tax lawyers and financial consultants all over the world so you can always get in contact with the right person straight away in the country where you have an interest.

Internationally, we observe common quality standards and our network means that from the outset we have established structures for planning, implementation and reporting of audit assignments, meaning that minimal time is spent on coordination and reporting of the audit. This is something that you may find useful in the future if you start offices abroad.

Please contact your local RSM office if you want to know more about how future bookkeeping looks.

How can we help you?

You are always welcome to contact us at one of our offices in Sweden. Telephone Numbers can be found under "Contact" in the main menu.

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