23 November 2020

Update of Circular No. 37 on the taxation of employee participations

Issued by Pauline Nicod, Senior Consultant, Global Employer Services The new version of this Circular provides the following three clarifications that will come into force as of January 1, 2021: > Non-listed employee shares
23 November 2020

RSM Congratulates Robert Streb, Winner of the 11th RSM Classic

RSM Congratulates Robert Streb, Winner of the 11th RSM Classic
12 November 2020

In 2021, new paid leave will be introduced for fathers and caregivers of relatives in need

Issued by Pauline Nicod, Senior Consultant, Global Employer Services > A two-week paternity leave is created as of 2021
10 November 2020

Moving to Switzerland

Brexit, Pandemic, lock-down, terrorist attack, failure of the Health system, climate change and politic instability…
4 November 2020

Managing global remote working and work anywhere policies

When an employee works in a country different to that of their ‘home’ for employment purposes, there can be a number of tax, social security and regulatory issues for both the individual and their employer.
3 November 2020

Putting diversity and inclusion on the agenda

IAB reporter Isabella Colletta spoke to RSM International CEO Jean Stephens about her career path, her philosophy on what it takes to become a good leader, and creating diversity in the workplace.
1 September 2020

Lausanne’s team has moved to a new office to accommodate RSM Switzerland’s growth!

RSM Switzerland is delighted to announce that our Lausanne team has moved to a great new place to accommodate our growth!
28 August 2020

COVID-19 temporary derogation with respect to individual tax and social security agreements for frontier workers finally extended until December 31, 2020.

In the view of the recent health crisis and the related "home office" practice at wide scale, several derogatory measures for employees residing in neighboring countries had been put in place, notably regarding frontier worker in France.
26 August 2020

Customer information

In our current extraordinary situation, the legal conditions are changing rapidly. Responding to these changes quickly and appropriately means continuously following and analyzing the latest developments.
13 August 2020

Entry into force of the amendment of the Family Allowances Act on 1 August 2020

The Law on Family Allowances and Financial Aid for Family Organizations (LAFam) regulates the grant of family allowances and financial aid to family organizations.
11 August 2020

Demonstrating the value of collaborative leadership during crises

In 2000, a leading expert in behavioural science, Daniel Goleman, outlined the six key styles of leadership: autocratic, paternalistic, democratic, laissez-faire, transactional and transformational, with each having their own merits and drawbacks.