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Embisa M'Peti
Partner Payroll & Employment Services


Embisa M’Peti is responsible for the service lines Employment - , Payroll outsourcing - and International Assignment Services. He is also member of the executive management of RSM Switzerland AG.

He has extensive experience in the field of international human resources management- , business processing - and payroll outsourcing. Embisa worked for seven years for the third-largest European HR and payroll provider. He had various leadership and executive roles on a local and international level before joining Bellerive Financial Services in 2007.

Embisa has a Master degree in International Politics and Economics. He completed several leadership and management courses in Belgium and England. He speaks German, French, Dutch and English.

News articles

Employing staff as a foreign business in Switzerland: what you need to know

7 June 2018
Employing staff as foreign employer in Switzerland brings along various statutory challenges in the start-up phase. For obvious reasons, companies want to keep the organisation of such an endeavor as lean as possible. However, it still requires the necessary attention to ensure compliance. The fact that Switzerland is not a Member of the EU adds an extra layer of complexity.