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Pascal Sigrist


Pascal is responsible Partner for the tax and legal department in German-speaking Switzerland. He is a member of the Board of Directors of RSM Switzerland Ltd. and of the management of the Zurich branch. Pascal is a Swiss certified tax expert and holds a master degree in law with a focus on commercial and tax law. Furthermore, he is author and speaker of specialist publications and took part in the acceptance of lawyer examinations and master theses in tax law. Nationally, he specialises in Swiss SMEs in particular.

Pascal started in the tax department of a "Big Four Company" and then worked for one of Switzerland's most renowned "tax boutiques". Prior to RSM, he successfully managed his own consulting firm. During this time, he developed and implemented his own tax application for the preparation of tax returns. Pascal brings along a significant amount of know-how and expertise to serve SME.

Areas of expertise: Real estate, SME & owner (interdisciplinary), succession planning, structural consulting, tax proceedings, tax excretions, support of other fiduciary companies in complex tax matters.

News articles

Hidden tax benefits with real estate

6 March 2020
When it comes to taxes, property owners have more room to maneuver. In contrast to tenants and those who keep their savings in the bank or in the form of cash, they have several advantageous options. At the same time, there are also pitfalls that real estate owners should be prepared for. This starts with the acquisition of the property, and then c...