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News article
1 November 2017
We revert to you to confirm today’s decision of the Vaud State Council to maintain the entry in force of corporate tax reform III (RIE III) on January 1st, 2019. The revised federal project of the RIE III has recently been released for consultation...
16 February 2018
INVITATION March 6, 2018 | 15:00 - 17:00 at the Geneva Press Club  We are pleased to invite you to a presentation regarding the upcoming GDPR enforcement and the recent changes to Swiss legislation that are likely to affect Swiss-based NPOs and...
News article
14 March 2018
RSM Switzerland AG, RSM (Gva) SA, RSM (Lausanne) SA, RSM Audit Switzerland SA and RSM Audit (Zurich) AG have merged in Switzerland All Swiss independent member firms of RSM, the world’s sixth largest network of audit, tax and advisory services,...
News article
18 April 2018
The final version of the long awaited and many times amended corporate tax reform in Switzerland is now in its consultation phase. Yet the voice of the companies most affected has really not been heard. To understand what these enterprises would...
News article
7 June 2018
Introduction and considerations Employing staff as foreign employer in Switzerland brings along various statutory challenges in the start-up phase. For obvious reasons, companies want to keep the organisation of such an endeavor as lean as possible...
Publication article
22 August 2018
A research survey conducted by tax specialists RSM Switzerland SA among international companies in Switzerland indicates that many such enterprises are reassessing their future investment plans in light of proposed Swiss tax reform. Almost 30% of...
News article
10 September 2018
The ryptocurrencies reach a high level of recognition in recent years for their innovation, their function and the potential gains they offer. The success of cryptocurrencies and in particular the Bitcoin, has generated questions from individuals...
Job post
13 September 2018
RSM Switzerland SA offre un spectre complet de services dans le domaine de l'audit, de la fiscalité et du conseil aux entreprises. Elle propose également des services adaptés en matière de gestion des salaires et de comptabilité. Ses clients sont...
Basic page
4 September 2015
RSM Switzerland is the partner of choice for clients seeking a personalized, long-term relationship based on values we strongly believe in: professional ethics, confidentiality and an appreciation of value added services. Our experienced...